Graduate Students

Dr. James Curry
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Anita Riddle Excellence in Engineering Teaching Fellowship
Director of Online Programs and Outreach for the College of Engineering

Dr. James Curry

Doctoral Students

  • Chinar Potnis (Spring 2016). Cleaning Large Data Sets with a Coordinated Machine Learning and Manual Approach
  • Naif AlShammari (Fall 2014). Refinery Production Planning Considering Nervousness
  • Fatemeh Hosseinzadehdastak (Fall 2014). Developing Effective Cross Tabs to Visualize Data Sets
  • Majed Al-Bokhari (Summer 2014). A Data to Text Framework for Describing Regression Models: An Optimization Approach for Content Determination
  • Lonnie Turpin (Spring 2014). Using Natural Language Generation to Document Portfolio Performance: An Optimization Approach for Content Determination
  • Pavan Mhasavekar (Summer 2013). Inventory Metrics for Lead Time Focused Manufacturing
  • Carol Schulte (Spring 2008). A Heuristic Algorithm for Scheduling Hazardous Waste Incinerators

Master of Engineering Science Thesis Students

  • Nikita Lis (Fall 2019). Delphi-SWOT strategic planning for the Industrial Engineering Department at Lamar University using data analytics.
  • Hrishikesh Wagh (2018). Data visualization and KPI's using speech recognition.
  • Kallul Paul (2012). Classifying Records Using Text Mining
  • Vaibhav Chauhan (2012). Cleaning Records Using Text Mining Algorithms
  • Jovan Hill (Spring 2008). Currency Impact on Vendor Selection in a Bid Environment
  • Prashant Mehta (Fall 2008). Calculating the Internal Rate of Return of Mortgages
  • Pavan Masvekar (Fall 2008). Vehicle Routing Problems with the Dual Objectives of Days and Miles