B.S. Industrial Engineering (2+2 Online)

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a Online Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering (B.S. IE) in a 2+2 online format.  This program allows students to complete the final two years of an Industrial Engineering degree online with minimal travel from home.  All junior and senior courses are delivered via online instruction, except for a 3 day manufacturing lab that requires one weekend visit to Beaumont, Texas.  Most first and second year courses except for Physics and Statics can also be taken online at Lamar University.


 Complete your final two (2) years of an Industrial Engineering degree online.

Designed for students who are unable to attend a traditional IE program due to geographic location and scheduling issues.

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The B.S. IE degree earned with this delivery method is the same as the degree earned by on-campus students. On-campus students often enroll in the same online courses due to co-op and employment at local companies.

Before Joining

Students should complete at least 6 math based lower division courses (such as Calculus I/II, Diff. Eq., Linear Algebra, Physics I/II, Chem. I/II, Statics, or similar courses) before joining the B.S. IE 2+2 online program option. Most large community colleges offer these courses. To be successful in the B.S. IE 2+2 online program, you should have reasonably good grades (mostly A and B) in these math based lower division courses. 

Transfer Friendly

The department is transfer friendly within the constraints of an ABET Accredited program. Up to 73 hours of the 121 hour degree (about 60%) can be transferred from community colleges. The department closely reviews all transfer courses to make sure that the topics are covered and the student receives credit for the prior coursework.

Lamar University has scholarships for transfer students. For current cost of attending Lamar University and information about paying for school, see https://www.lamar.edu/students/paying-for-school/.

ABET Accreditation

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