B.S. Industrial Engineering

The Lamar Industrial and Systems Engineering department offers a unique experience for traditional on campus students. Our faculty members are focused on undergraduate education with small class sizes and hands on lab experiences. 

Flexible Study

Our students have the option of taking the final 2 years of study online. This flexibility allows students to do internships with fewer delays in graduation.

Student Experiences


Most of our graduates participate in internships and co-ops prior to graduation. Engineering internships are paid with typical salaries range from $20 to $40 per hour.  Industrial Engineering students have interned with leading companies nationwide including UPS, GE, Delta, Invista, Dupont, Toyota, NASA, BASF, Bell, and others. Students have also interned with leading local companies in the chemical, construction, and manufacturing. An Industrial Engineering student's internship experience at Disney and Lockheed Martin Space.

Professional Student Organizations

Lamar University College of Engineering has many professional student organizations that offer educational and social activities. Our department is also supportive of undergraduate research with faculty members who are willing to take time to develop your research skills.  Learn More →

Masters Pathways - 4+1 Programs

For student interested in graduate school, the department offers several 4+1 pathways that allow students to take 6 hours of graduate coursework that count towards both the graduate and undergraduate degrees.  Learn More 


B.S. Industrial Engineering program has 12 hours of technical electives. Students should develop their own elective plan to match their career goals. This plan must be approved by the undergraduate advisor. The following are illustrative technical elective options:

  • Automation Certificate
  • Business Administration (M.B.A. Preparation / 5 year B.S. IE-M.B.A. Program)
  • Minor in Math
  • Coursework in an area of interest to the student such as engineering management, statistics, supply chain management or project management.
    Students should work with the undergraduate advisor to develop a list of electives that match your career goals.


For students interested in graduate school, students can take up to 6 hours of graduate coursework as electives that count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering. We advise students who want to go to graduate school at Lamar or elsewhere to take a INEN 5301 ST: Applied Programming as an elective. At the graduate level, computer programming is a fundamental skill widely used in research.

The department typically offers 2 to 3 electives per semester (about 8 electives per year). Elective topics change based on the needs of our students and industry.

You can also take elective outside the department. Most engineering, math, computer science, chemistry and physics courses at the junior or senior level can be used as electives if part of a cohesive plan of study. You must get the approval of your advisor for using a course not listed on this page as an elective.

The Industrial Automation and Robotics Certificate allows students to build their skills in industrial automation. The 4-courses sequence teaches PLC programming and robotics. Students can use their electives to complete this sequence without additional coursework. The sequence uses courses from multiple engineering departments. For more information, please contact Dr. Xinyu Liu. The department recommends this elective track for students who want to work in a traditional manufacturing environment.


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