Certificate in Automation and Robotics

The College of Engineering offers a certificate in Automation and Robotics. Engineering students from all departments can complete this certificate using their elective courses. Please contact Dr. Liu about incorporated Industrial Automation and Robotics into your studies.

What You'll Learn

Automation and Robotics is rapidly transforming manufacturing, warehousing, construction, healthcare, and service industries. Low-cost sensors, motors, design tools, and controllers have increased the areas where automated systems can be effectively deployed.

This certificate teaches students the fundamentals of automation and robotics. Topics include:

  • Automation principles and strategies
  • Control theory
  • Automated manufacturing systems
  • Industrial robotics
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Automated assembly systems
  • Material handling and storage
  • Automatic identification techniques
  • Shop floor control,
  • Future automated factory

The department recommends this certificate for all students whose primarily interests is manufacturing.


The certificate has two core courses (INEN 4396 - Automated System Engineering and ELEN 2320 Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Control) and two electives. The Industrial Engineering department recommends INEN 4345 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing, ST: 5301 Applied Programming, or any undergraduate or graduate course related to automation, computer programming, and robotics as electives. For additional information about alterative courses, see catalog page.

Degree Course Requirements

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Dr. Xinyu Liu
Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Email: xinyu.liu@lamar.edu

Design Project

The department also recommends doing a senior design project in robotics and automation for students interested in this topic.

Robot 2019 Senior Design