Hassan Zargarzadeh, Ph.D.


Doctorate Students

Open PositionA funded Doctorate of Engineering position is available. The Area of interest is vision-based navigation of autonomous underwater robots. Interested applicants must have track records in relevant areas. Having published journal and/or conference papers is a plus.


M. Mahdi Naddaf S.

Research Topic: Vision-based Navigation with Applications to Underwater Robots

Graduation Date: Spring 2020


Majid Taheri A.

Research Topic: Nonlinear Control and Navigation of a Spherical Robot

Graduation Date: Summer 2019


Hamed Pourgharibshahi

Research Topic: Modeling and Control of Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converters in Smart Grids

Expected Graduation Date: August 2019

Saeed Moazami

Saeed Moazami

Research Topic: Modeling, Control, and Manufacturing of a Novel Spherical Robot

Expected Graduation Date: August 2020

Mehdid Dadvar

Mehdi Dadvar

Research Topic: Hunter and Gatherer: A Game Theoretic Task Allocation for Multi-agent Systems

Expected Graduation Date: 2020


Shahriar Ahmad

Thesis: Fuel Optimization of Diesel Engines

Graduation Date: Aug 2021

Mohammad Islam

Thesis: TBD

Graduation Date: Aug 2020


Masters Students


Ammar Al Jodah

Thesis: Experimental Verification and Comparison of Different Stabilizing Controllers for a    

Rotary Inverted Pendulum

Graduation Date: December 2013

Current Job: Assistant Lecturer at University of Technology Baghdad


Chathura Seneviratne

Graduation Date: May 2015

Current Employer: C&D Robotics Automation, Texas.


Nishant Gadhvi

Thesis: TBD

Expected Graduation Date: December 2018


Shahriar Ahmad

Thesis: Vision-based Autonomous Object Tracking for Hexapod Using an Actuated Camera

Graduation Date: Aug 2018

Alimul Ahsan

Thesis: Multi-objective Optimization of a Grid-connected Hybrid Power System: A Case Study on SETX

Graduation Date: May 2018