Hassan Zargarzadeh, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Dr. Zargarzadeh's work is also updated at Google Scholar.


Ph.D., (E.E.) Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2012
M.S.,  (E.E.) Iran University of Science and Technology, 2009
B.S., (E.E.) Amirkabir University, 2000

Awards & Honors

  • Best presenter runner-up at sixth annual poster presentation of ISC-supported research, Rolla, MO, November 4th, 2010.
  • Excellent student (top 3%) among all students in M.S. program at Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran, 2008.
  • Among top 800 (of 12,000) students in the nationwide M.S. entrance exam, Iran, 2006.
  • Among top 100 (of 100,000) students in the nationwide university entrance exam, Iran, 1995.
  • Top student in scientific competitions of the Khuzestan province, Iran, 1994.

Open Positions

Research assistantship positions are available in the fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc.


# Title Agency Year of support Amount
1 Autonomous Aquatic Robot for Invasive Species Evaluation (AARISE) Lamar Univ. CAWAQ 2016-2015 50% of $25000

Using Autonomous Robots to Track Invasive Species

SURF: LU Undergraduate Research Office Summer 2016 50% of $4500

Real-Time Bunker Consumption Optimization against Uncertain Weather and Sea States

Lamar Univ. CAPM 2017 $35000