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Flexible Learning Options to Meet Your Needs

The Department uses a very flexible system that suits everyone’s schedule and needs. The B.S. EE and B.S. CE includes (1) ECE required courses, (2) ECE elective courses, and (3) Non-ECE courses.

  • All ECE required courses are offered in 2 sections: one face-to-face & one online which are taught together. Registration in the online section must be approved by the chair. Once registered in one option, you can’t transfer to the other one during the semester.
  • All ECE elective courses are offered online.
  • Some Non-ECE courses may not have the online option.
  • All ECE online courses are taught synchronously; however, the instructor can give a permission to some students to take the course asynchronously for acceptable reasons.
  • Every semester, you can make up a mixture of face-to-face & online course selections that fits your schedule.

Lamar University supports transfers from community colleges and provides the only 2+2 online path for Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees in Texas.  View 2+2 Degree Maps →

Electrical Engineering Course Options

Course Registration Options


All On Campus



All Online

Synchronous with Face-to-Face
or Asynchronous


On-Campus and Online

Synchronous with Face-to-Face
or Asynchronous

What is 2+2 online?

Complete two additional years at a 4-year college and earn your baccalaureate degree.

2+2 is a degree path allowing students from community colleges and other 2-year institutions to complete two additional years at a 4-year college and earn their baccalaureate degree.  All ELEN courses can be taken online.

For community college transfers, we recommend reviewing available 2+2 degree maps. Lamar has scholarship opportunities for transfer students. To be successful in the B.S. EE and B.S CE 2+2 online program, you should have reasonably good grades (mostly A and B) in the lower division math and physics courses.

Registering for the Online Option

To register for the online option, you must fill out a Request For Online Enrollment form and provide a documented evidence that you can’t attend the on-campus section of these courses for good reasons, and it must be approved by the Department Chair.

Online Enrollment Request Form

What about the hands-on experience?

Majority of upper-level EE and CE courses are either accompanied with the laboratory or use the "Hardware in Homework". To comply, you are required to purchase the recommended (and very versatile) hardware kit that will be used in their course assignments. Here is the  list of hardware currently used in the core B.S. EE and B.S. CE courses.

Who do I contact for more information?

Get a head start on your future as a Lamar Engineer by contacting Tatyana Jones, ECE Administrative Associate Sr. (409) 880-8746.