The Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is excited to announce the introduction to two certificate programs - Certificate in Instrumentation and Control and Certificate in Power and Energy. These new opportunities open up new ventures for those seeking to enhance their professional repertoire or an addition to their Electrical or Computer Engineering Degree.

Instrumentation and Control 

Engineers inspect relay

For Undergraduates

I&C Engineers are responsible for the research, design, development and control of devices/systems that are found in manufacturing facilities and plants as well as in high-technology industries such as aerospace and automotive. In manufacturing facilities, I&C engineers are involved not only with the manufacture of aircract and spaceships, but in development of complex life support systems. In the automotive area, I&C engineers are involved in the design of complex sensor and control systems.

Director: Hassan Zargarzadeh
Email: hzargarzadeh@lamar.edu

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Power and Energy 

Power and Energy Engineer

For Undergraduates and Graduates

Almost all industrial complexes and larger commercial and public buildings have a system of support utilities, which includes equipment that requires engineers trained in power and energy to operate and maintain. This could range from a single electrical motor or transformer to a complex system of generation, transmission and distribution, including turbines, energy automation systems, and smart grid technologies. P&E engineers research and implement ways to integrate renewable power technology and are often involved in public works projects, and employed on federal projects that involve the integration of large power grids.

Director: Dr. Anwarul I. Sifat
Email: asifat@lamar.edu

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