Qiang Xu, Ph.D.


Brief Introduction of the Research at LISE

The Laboratory of Integrated Systems Engineering (LISE) at Lamar University is directed to face the urgent need of refinery, chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries and has been actively working for these industries for over a decade. Through modeling, simulation, optimization, control, planning and scheduling, as well as data mining, our research is to make industrial manufacturing decision makings become smarter and wiser in terms of increasing profitability, improving operability and safety, saving energy, reducing emission or raw material consumption, as well as making industrial activities benign to local environment and communities.

1. Large-scale Dynamic Simulation and Optimization for Industrial Flare Minimization during Plant Normal/Abnormal Operations
2. ​Optimal Scheduling for Decoking Operation of Ethylene Cracking Furnace System
3. Cyclic and Dynamic Hoist Scheduling for Multi-recipe and Multi-stage Material Handling Processes
4. ​Port-related Supply Chain Management for Refinery/Chemical/Petrochemical/Oil and Gas Industries under Uncertainties
5. Proactive and Cost-effective Regional Air-Quality and Industrial Emission Controls
6. Refrigeration System Synthesis and Optimization
7. Energy Saving and BOG Minimization for LNG Industry