Qiang Xu, Ph.D.

About Me

I am currently the full professor of Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering at Lamar University. I obtained my B.S. degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering respectively, both in 1998; Ph.D. degree in 2003 in chemical engineering, all from Tsinghua University, China. I joined Lamar University as an assistant professor since 2005 after 2-year postdoctoral research at Wayne State University in Michigan. Besides my teaching and research, I have a lovely family. My daughter likes reading and writing and dreams to be a professional writer in the future; while my son likes math, soccer, and tennis very much.  Personally, I also like soccer very much.  I joined the soccer team since I was in the middle school.  Later on, I played as the forward in the soccer team of Tsinghua University.  I know sports have unique benefits to help build up a person's mental, physical, and tactical skills. Thus, I always encourage my kids and also my students to stick on any sports they like. I got the 1st place of 5K run in my age group in 2017 in Gusher Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K in Beaumont, TX. This was a really surprise win after I had to chase all the way after my son (2nd place winner of the under age 10 group). In 2018, both my son and I got the 1st place in 5K run in our age groups.  My family very enjoy travels because it is another way to deeply sense the life and world.  In my spare time, I also like to help local communities such as regular activities of Chinese Student Association, Chinese Association of Southeast Texas, and help coaches when I stay with my son for his soccer training. Certainly, my family have many friends.  We would often get together for parties, travels, or go for fishing and sporting.  I am a Texan for over 13 years with two more hobbies gradually cultivated: one is fishing and crabbing and the other one is enjoying crawfish parties.