Qiang Xu, Ph.D.


Teaching Philosophy

Teaching helps pass accumulated knowledge and experience from old generations to new generations in a unique, efficient and effective way.  It also provides opportunities to shape dreams of students as well contributes towards their personal growth.  For all the years, I enjoy moments of the satisfactory feedback from students when they understood the studied subjects, discovered their own questions, got enthusiasm going for challenging extension problems, and overcame their learning difficulties.  I enjoy sharing my experience, passion, and vision for the delivered teaching subjects through both individual and classroom teaching.  I also enjoy staying with students to lean their cool and crazy ideas and inspire them to reach targets that they have never thought about.  I like my teaching career from the bottom of my heart.  Certainly, teaching is an essential part of a faculty member's responsibility and contribution to a university.  Only the faculty members who are enthusiastic about their teaching careers and are able to give effective teaching in such a way that student's prerequisite knowledge can be connected naturally to the being taught materials could be welcomed by students. Teaching needs the dedication of a faculty's time, efforts, engagement, and most importantly their hearts. Teaching is also a learning and knowledge rewarding process to a faculty member, which will eventually help his/her academic research.

Currently Teaching Subjects

  • CHEN 6348 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • CHEN 4331 - Process Control I
  • CHEN 6301 - MATLAB & Engineering Application
  • CHEN 6301 - Advanced Modeling Computational Methods