Faculty and Staff


Dr. Philip Cole

Dr. Philip Cole
Chair and Professor
Office: Archer 112-A
Phone: 409-880-8292
Email: pcole@lamar.edu

Dr. Bogdana Bahrim

Dr. Bogdana Bahrim
Office: Archer 100-B
Phone: 409-880-8034
Email: bogdana.bahrim@lamar.edu

Dr. Cristian Bahrim

Dr. Cristian Bahrim
Office: Archer 100-D
Phone: 409-880-8290
Email: cristian.bahrim@lamar.edu

Dr. Rafael de La Madrid

Dr. Rafael de la Madrid
Associate Professor
Office: Archer 109
Phone: 409-880-7889
Email: rdelamadrid@lamar.edu

Dr. Cengiz Sen

Dr. Cengiz Sen
Associate Professor
Office: Archer 208-D
Phone: 409-880-7876
Email: csen@lamar.edu

Dr. Ming Lou

Dr. Ming Lou
Office: Archer 208-B
Phone: 409-880-7173
Email: ming.lou@lamar.edu

Dr. Evgeny Romashets

Dr. Evgeny Romashets
Office: Archer 100-E
Phone: 409-880-8322
Email: eromashets@lamar.edu

Binod Nainabasti

Dr. Binod Nainabasti
Office: Archer 100-A
Phone: 409-880-8061
Email: binod.nainabasti@lamar.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Cruse Melvin
Executive Director of Strategic Planning


Dr. Joe Pizzo
Distinguished Emeritus Professor and Regents Professor
Phone: 409-880-8249
Email: joe.pizzo@lamar.edu


Mr. Justin J McCollum

Mr. Justin McCollum
Laboratory Coordinator
Office: Archer 102
Phone: 409-880-8844
Email: justin.mccollum@lamar.edu 

Lyle Goines

Mr. Lyle Goines
Laboratory Manager
Office: Archer 104
Phone: 409-880-8411
Email: lgoines@lamar.edu

Jill S Segura

Ms. Jill S Segura
Senior Administrative Associate
Office: Archer 112
Phone: 409-880-7391
Email: jslack@lamar.edu