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The official logo for the Society for Physics Students an official organization of the American Physical Institute.

Society of Physics Students Presents
Nuggets of Physics
at Chick-Fil-A

Lamar University Society of Physics Students presents 'Nuggets of Physics' at Chick-Fil-A. Come and enjoy Physics demos and games with 20% of your purchase will go to LU-SPS when you mention us at the register! February 28, 2018 Wednesday from 5 - 8 PM at the Chick-Fil-A Mid-County 8701 Memorial Blvd in Port Arthur, TX.

Come enjoy physics demos and games!
20% of your purchase will go to LU-SPS when you mention us at the register.

 February 28, 2018
  5-8 p.m.
Chick-Fil-A in Mid Country
8701 Memorial Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX.

 SPS Lamar University Chapter - Official 2018 T-shirt!


This is a T-shirt with the official SPS Lamar Chapter Logo for 2018.

The Society of Physics Students is an organizational arm of the American Physical Society as a professional organization that focuses on Physics students and their advisors for the promotion of those seeking a career in Physics.

Go the SPS Lamar Chapter for more information as an official student organization on OrgSync.

SPS Lamar Chapter

For more information on the national SPS website:

Society of Physics Students



SPS Lamar Chapter Report

Society of Physics Students at Lamar produces an annual report on its activities involving participation at conferences, collaboration with advisors in research, visitations to national laboratories and research institutions related to SPS National programs.

The following information is on the latest SPS Lamar Chapter activities:

Intro - Chapter Advisor and Club Officers

Part 1 - Participation in SPS National Programs

Part 2.1 - Chapter's Interactions with Campus Community

Part 2.2 - Local Community Activities

Part 2.3 - Science Outreach Participation

Part 3 - Interactions with the Outside Physics Community

Part 4 - Chapter interactions with the Local Community

Part 5 - SPS Purpose and Mission