Dr. Cristian Bahrim

Dr. Cristian Bahrim

Dr. Cristian Bahrim 

General Information


  • Ph.D. University of Paris (Orsay), 1997
  • M.S. University of Bucharest
  • B.S. University of Bucharest


  • Dr. C. Bahrim's EE webpage
  • Archived Information for the Joint Spring 2016 Meeting of the Texas Sections of AAPT, APS, and Zone 13 of the SPS

Selected Publications

[1] Matsukama, H., Tanaka, H., Takaie, Y., Shikama, T., Bahrim, C., and Hasuo, M. "Pertuber Dependence of Disalignment Cross Sections of the Argon 2p2 Atoms Measured at Temperatures between 77 and 295 K", Journal of Physical Society of Japan 81, art #114302 (2012).

[2] Bahrim, C., and Nelson, C. "Simultaneous electro-magnetically induced transparency for two circularly polarized lasers couled to the same linearly polarized laser in a four-level atomic system in the W scheme", Physical Review A 83, art #033804 (2011).

[3] Bahrim, C, and Khadilkar, V, “Alignment relaxation of Ne*(2pi[J=1]) atoms induced by collisions with He(1s2) atoms in discharges at temperatures from 10 to 3000K”, Physical Review A 79, art#042715 (2009).

[4] Hsu, W-T, and Bahrim, C, “Accurate measurements of refractive indices for dielectrics in an undergraduate optics laboratory for science and engineering students”, European Journal of Physics 30, 1325-1336 (2009).

[5] Bahrim, C, and Hsu, W-T, "Precise measurements of the refractive indices for dielectrics using an improved Brewster angle method", American Journal of Physics, 77, 337-343 (2009).

[6] Bahrim C, and Khadilkar V, "Depolarization effects of the Ne*(2p2) atoms induced by isotropic collisions with He(1s2) atoms at temperatures between 10 and 1,000 Kelvin”, Journal of Physics B 41, art#035203 (2008).

[7] Bahrim C, and Hunt J F, “Infrared spectroscopy for the identification of modes of vibration in a temporary HeNe molecule”, Journal of Physics  B 39, 4683-4700 (2006).

[8] Bahrim C, Fabrikant I I, and Thumm U, “Boundary Conditions for the Pauli Equation: Application to Photodetachment of Cs-.“, Physical Review Letters 87, art#123003 (2001); 88, art# 109904 (2002).


Co-editor to "Practical Applications of Educational Research and Basic Statistics" (2007), published by National Forum Journals, Houston, Texas, ISBN 0-9770013-4-2 and 2nd ed. by University Readers (2009).

Bahrim, C, “A modern optics laboratory for undergraduate students”, Chapter 17, 207-215, (2006) in the book Innovations 2006 - World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research, ed. by iNEER and Begell House Publishing (2006).