Dr. Ming Lou

Dr. Ming Lou

General Information

  • Position: Instructor
  • E-mail: ming.lou@lamar.edu
  • Phone: 409-880-7173
  • Fax: 409-880-8245
  • Office: A 208-B


  • Ph.D. University of Cincinnati
  • B.S. Nanjing University

Selected Publications

T. F. Plageman, B. K. Chauhan, C Yang, F Jaudon, X Shang, Y Zheng, M Lou, A Debant, J. D. Hildebrand, R. A. Lang, “A Trio-RhoA-Shroom3 pathway is required for apical constriction and epithelial invagination”, Development 138, 23 (2011)

B.K. Chauhan, M Lou, Y Zheng, R.A. Lang, “Balanced Rac1 and RhoA activities regulate cell shape and drive invagination morphogenesis in epithelia”, PNAS 108, 45 (2011)

T. F. Plageman, M-I Chung, M Lou, A. N. Smith, J. D. Hildebrand, J. Wallingford, R. A. Lang, “Pax6-dependent Shroom3 expression regulates apical
constriction during lens placode invagination”, Development 137, 3 (2010)

B. K. Chauhan, A Disanza, SY Choi, S.C. Faber, M Lou, H.E. Beggs, G Scita, Y Zheng, R. A. Lang, “Cdc42 and IRSp53-dependent contractile filopodia tether presumptive lens and retina to coordinate epithelial invagination”, Development 136, 21 (2009).

M. X. Lou, J.M.A.S.P. Wickramasinghe, and R.A. Serota, “Mesoscopic fluctuations of off-diagonal matrix elements of the angular momentum and orbital magnetism of free electrons in a rectangular box”, Phys. Rev. B 75, 224401 (2007), featured in June 18, 2007, issue of VJNano

M. X. Lou, J.M.A.S.P. Wickramasinghe, and R.A. Serota, “Mesoscopic orbital magnetism in an integrable system”, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 21, 4323