B.S. Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics

This degree plan places a strong emphasis on physics and mathematics. It can be tailored to meet your needs as you prepare for graduate school or employment in a variety of fields. Many students with Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics from Lamar University have been highly successful graduate students in physics at some of the best universities in the U.S. Others have succeeded as engineers, mathematicians, physicians, medical researchers, lawyers, teachers, etc. Faculty advisors help plan programs to satisfy your needs.

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Physics as a Second Major

Physics may be selected as a second major if you are wishing to broaden your education. The most popular options are to combine physics with engineering or chemistry. Combinations are also available with computer science and mathematics. You may choose one degree with a double major or two separate degrees. While a second degree usually requires an additional semester of course work, the double major can be accomplished very efficiently. A physics advisor can give you specific details on your choice of the field combinations.

Minor in Physics

A physics minor consists of (PHYS 1401 and PHYS 1402) or (PHYS 2425 and PHYS 2426), PHYS 3350, and nine additional hours of PHYS 3000/4000 level courses to total 20 credits with no grade less than “C”.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Bogdana M. Bahrim 
Associate Professor
Room 100B - Archer Building

Dr. Cristian Bahrim
Room 100D - Archer Building

Dr. Rafael de la Madrid
Associate Professor
Room 109 - Archer Building