Student Employment Opportunities


Department Employment Opportunities:

Student Assistants and Graduate Assistants:

Tutors both UG/M.S.
Technicians UG/M.S.
Research Assistants UG/M.S.
WebMaster UG/M.S.

Teacher Assistant:

Master Students only

Must have 18 graduate credited hours
Competitive GPA


Submit your completed application form and resume to:
Department of Computer Science

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Internships Positions for CS Students

Guidelines for Receiving Computer Science Internship Credit

Computer Science Internships are very important ways for students to gain experience while attending college. They can be rewarding and can lead to exciting careers. Real-world, practical experience can enrich an already top-notch curriculum.

Key Facts of the Course:

  • Students must enroll in Career Development course (3 semester hours) each semester that they work full time up to a maximum of four semesters.
  • Enrollment requires completion of Pre-Screening Form and Learning Agreement. 

For the (Course), credit can be earned for Internships under the following conditions:

  • Students must apply and be approved to participate in the Internship program with the Internship Course Instructor.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate students need a cumulative GPA of 2.75/3.00 or higher to enroll in the program and may need a higher GPA to be considered for employment.
  • Undergraduate/Graduate students must have completed a minimum of 60/18 academic credit hours.
  • Must attend Internship orientation with the Internship Course Instructor.
  • Credit is not given for general work experience. It must be an Internship-not a job.
  • Duties and project descriptions will be provided by the employer.

The Co-Op Internship should be clearly related to a career field and it must be a valuable experience. 

How to register for Class (COSC 4305 – Elective for Undergraduate Students; COSC 5360 – Elective for Graduate Students): 

All the necessary forms are available below. The following pages further list all materials and forms that must be submitted to the Internship Course Instructor by the specified deadline. 

Necessary Forms:
  1. Pre-Screening Form
  2. Learning Agreement
  3. Student's Waiver Liability
  4. Employers Evaluation Cooperation Education (to be completed by Employer at the end of the semester) Word version