Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Sciences

The Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) program has an overall emphasis on information networking. An interplay of knowledge from areas such as distributed computing, software engineering, expert systems, information retrieval and multimedia display technology define the information networking concept.

Information networks are becoming an integral and strategic component of such industries as:

  • petrochemical and transportation
  • space technology
  • education
  • banking and finance
  • medical and applications
  • manufacturing and retailing

Graduates of Lamar’s CIS program will possess an integrated set of skills from the fields of engineering, computer science and business.

The CIS program requires:

  • 37 hours in computer science and computer and information sciences
  • 15 hours in psychology, sociology and speech
  • 13 hours in mathematics
  • 21 hours in business
  • 8 hours in laboratory science 
  • 12 hours of electives, as well as the general bachelor's degree requirements

Graduates of this program will be prepared to respond to the varied and changing needs of an information society.

Recommended program of study in CIS


COSC 1336 Programming Fund I COSC 1337 Programming Fund II
COSC 1173 Programming Lab Communications | Modern Language
COSC 1172 Think, Speak, Write ECON 1301 Principles and Policies
ENGL Composition 1301 ENGL Composition 1302 | 1374 Comp II
MATH 2413 Calculus I COSC 2375 Discrete Structures
HIST 1301 History 1 COSC 1174 Fund Computing Lab II


COSC 2336 Programming Fundamentals III CPSC 3304 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
Academic Elective COSC 2372 Comp Org/Assembly Lang
MATH 1342 | 3370 | BUAL 2310 MATH 2318 Linear Algebra
Lab Science Lab Science
Language, Phil & Culture History 2


CPSC 4317 Computer Networks CPSC 4363 | COSC 4345 | CPSC 4361
CPSC 4340 Data Base Design CPSC 4315 Network Systems Administration
POLS 2301 American Government I POLS 2302 American Government II
ACCT 2301 Intro Financial Acct MGMT 3310 Principles Mgmt/Org Behavior
COSC 3325 Computer Law/Ethics Academic Elective


COSC 4330 Multimedia | COSC 4319 Graphics CPSC 4360 Software Engineering
COSC | CPSC Elective COSC 4302 Operating Systems
ACCT 2302 Intro Managerial Accounting COSC | CPSC Elective
FINC 3310 Principles of Finance COSC 4272 Senior Assessment
Creative Arts Elective MGMT 3320 Production Management

CIS/MBA Degree Program

The B.S. in Computer Information Sciences program can prepare a student to complete the first of the two years required to achieve an MBA program in the College of Business. Thus, a student can receive a B.S. in Computer Information Sciences and an MBA within five years after beginning of his/her study at Lamar. Seven courses from the College of Business are required for the B.S. in Computer Information Sciences. By utilizing four electives for the B.S. in Computer Information Sciences Program, the equivalent of the classes taken in the first year of the MBA can be completed during the bachelor's degree.

More information on the CIS/MBA degree

CIS Degree Required Courses

The following six courses are required by the Computer Information Sciences degree: 
  • Economics 1301 (ECON 1301)
  • BUAL 3310 (Business Analysis)
  • Management 3310 (MGMT 3310)
  • Management 3320 (MGMT 3320)
  • Accounting 2301 (ACCT 2301)
  • Accounting 2302 (ACCT 2302)
  • Finance 3310 (FINC 3310)

If in addition the student uses the COSC/CPSC elective to take COSC 3325 (Computer Ethics and Law), and uses his/her other electives to take Business Analysis II 3320 (BUAL 3320), Marketing 3310(MKTG 3310) and Business Communication 3350 (BCOM 3350), then the equivalent of the first-year MBA courses will have been completed.

Students with a B.S. in Computer Information Sciences who pursue this program can begin their second year of the MBA program immediately after graduation and admission to the MBA program. Admission to the Lamar University MBA program requires the Graduate Management Admission Test(GMAT).