Hall of Honor

The Computer Science Department at Lamar University has created a Hall of Honor to recognize outstanding contributions by alumni of the Computer Science program.
Seven outstanding alumni that have been nominated to the Computer Science Hall of Honor Mr. Clint Harwood, Mr. Dennis Carl, Mr. Tim Magnuson, Dr. Paul Kendall, Ms. Susan Mayfield, Mr. Keith Mott and Mr. Myers Foreman

Mr. Clint Harwood

Mr. Tim Magnuson

Ms. Susan Mayfield

Mr. Myers Foreman
Mr. Dennis Carl

Dr. Paul Kendall

Mr. Keith Mott
The Hall of Honor will recognize those graduates who meet the first criteria and at least one of the other two: 
  1. Candidates must have graduated from the Computer Science department at Lamar University at least 10 years prior to the induction .
  • Candidates must have contributed to his or her community in an exemplary manner.
  • Candidates must have achieved outstanding success in a computer science related field.
Submissions will be evaluated by a committee comprised of alumni and faculty of the Department. Individuals who believe they meet the criteria may have another alumnus nominate them. Candidates may not nominate themselves.
The Nomination Committee members for this year are:
  • Chairperson: Paul L. Kendall
  • Vice-Chairperson: Dominic Cantalamessa
  • Members: Dolores Farnie, Tim Magnuson, Vivek Singh, Susan Mayfield, Keith Mott and Clint Harwood
  • Faculty Member: Lawrence J. Osborne, Ph.D., Professor, Dept of Computer Science
Nominations may be e-mailed to the Chairperson (pkendall@flash.net), or to Dr. Lawrence Osborne (Lawrence.Osborne@lamar.edu).
Please take a moment to nominate a worthy candidate.
When submitting a nomination, please attach an updated biography or resume for each candidate and a cover note explaining why you think he/she is a worthy candidate. The nominations deadline for this charter year will be February 26, 2010. After the Committee has selected its set of finalists, there will be a meeting of the Nomination Committee plus Dean Nichols of the College of Arts and Sciences (or her representative) to choose one or more individuals from the set of finalists to be recognized as a Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus of the Computer Science Department at the annual ACM Spring Banquet.