Master of Science Biology

The Department of Biology offers a program of study leading to the Master of Science in Biology degree with either a thesis or non-thesis option. We also offer an accelerated non-thesis program to work toward your bachelor's and master's degrees at the same time. 

ms-Biology Degree

The Masters program is designed to enhance the professional competence of graduates in biology or closely related disciplines who are interested in:

  • pursuing academic careers
  • employment in private industry or governmental agencies in biologically oriented fields
  • entrance to professional schools
  • or who are presently engaged in or planning to enter secondary school teaching

Students interested in these programs are encourage to contact Matthew Pyne for detailed advising (Maes 101B, (409) 880-7458,

Thesis Options

This option is strongly recommended for those who plan to continue graduate work beyond the Master's level or to be employed in a research position by private industry or governmental agency.

This option is intended for those not seeking a higher degree in Biology.

Degree Requirements

The candidate for the M.S. in Biology must meet all the College of Graduate Studies general requirements as listed in the university catalog. For their professional development, students must enroll in BIOL 5110 Graduate Seminar. They must take the course two times; any subsequent enrollments will not count toward the degree.

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Earn a B.S. and M.S. in Biology

Are you an undergrad who would benefit from having a Masters of Science degree in Biology when you enter the job market, graduate school, or professional school?  You could earn your M.S. degree in a fifth year in two long semesters after the completion of your B.S. degree.

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