Biology Degrees

As a Biology major you have a multitude of opportunities ahead of you. Your degree could lead to a career in academics, laboratory research, pharmaceuticals, zoology and more. If you ultimately plan to pursue a medical career, getting a B.S. in Biology is your educational starting point. 

bs. Biology

B.S. Biology

The B.S. in Biology prepares you to enter the professions of medicine, dentistry or other related career paths. You'll be equally prepared for environmental or biotechnology-related careers.

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bs. Environmental Science

B.S. Environmental Science

The B.S. in Environmental Science will teach you to protect, monitor, manage, and improve the environment by combining study in biology, chemistry, geology, engineering and political science.

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ms. Biology

M.S. Biology

The M.S. in Biology program is designed to enhance your competence in biology and help you pursue an academic career, enter the job market, graduate school, or professional school.

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ms. Accelerated

B.S./M.S. Accelerated 

The Accelerated Non-thesis B.S./M.S. program allows students to earn the M.S. degree in a fifth year in two long semesters and up to three summer semesters beyond the completion of the B.S. degree.

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A Major Discussion with Biology

Watch Natalie Rhodes, Dr. Randall Terry (Interim Chair, Biology) and Dr. Ana Christensen (Professor, Biology) as they discuss what makes Biology Majors from LU so flexible and successful.

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Pre-Professional Programs

Physical Therapy

The College offers several pre-professional programs for students planning careers in one of the primary health care delivery areas: dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, podiatry, or veterinary medicine.

More about Pre-Professional Programs

*Note that a Pre-professional program cannot be declared as a degree major.