Study Abroad in Belize

Perform research while in the rain forest and on the barrier reef.  Interact with peoples and cultures of Central America and the Caribbean.

  • 7 days exploring watersheds of neotropical biomes of the Maya Mountain pine ridge, rainforests and savanna; paddling the Sibun River watershed.
  • 6 days snorkeling on the coral reef, seagrasses, and mangroves of Tobacco Caye.
  • Explore a Maya ruin

The next year for the program is 2024 and every other year thereafter; plan accordingly.

For more info contact Dr. Matt Hoch or (409) 880-8264

Credit Hours

8 credit hours of advanced or graduate level biology courses in Tropical Watershed Ecology and Tropical Marine Biology

Tropical Watershed Ecology and Marine Biology


Collecting macroinvertebrates from a stream in Cockscomb Basin


Performing chemical tests on water samples collected


Scraping rocks for periphyton samples

Course and Student Critter Web Pages

The pages listed below are one of the assignments that students do prior to spending two+ weeks in Belize. Students were asked to pick two animals, one from the jungle/terrestrial/freshwater environments and one from the marine environment, and perform a little background research on that animal and construct a basic webpage. This information was to include taxonomy, life history, reproduction and current research on the organisms. 

Study Abroad in Belize Study Abroad in Belize red-eyed-tree-frog-2.gif
While these pages have been edited to have similar looks and no grammatical errors, they have not been checked for accuracy of information. Any glaring errors should be reported to for jungle critters and for marine critters so that they can be corrected. It is the intention of these pages to help educate the students currently enrolled in the course as well as provide a resource for future students.