Environmental Science Internship

Course Description

An internship experience is a required component of your environmental science degree plan. You'll typically do the internship during the summer prior to or during your senior year. In the past, students have done internships with a wide range of government agencies and private businesses in the field of environmental compliance.

The internship experience allows you to integrate your academic preparation with actual work experience. You are expected to arrange your internships for yourself, but the Director of Environmental Science, Dr. Jim Armacost, can provide, upon request, a list of agencies and companies (with contact information) that often offer internship opportunities.

How to Enroll in the Course

You cannot enroll yourself in the Environmental Science Internship (BIOL 4300) through the Self-Service Banner. Once you have arranged your internship, you and your supervisor at the agency or company where you will be working should complete the Enrollment Form for Biol 4300 (Environmental Science Internship).

Submit the completed form to the Director of Environmental Science, Dr. Jim Armacost, in person or via email (jarmacost@lamar.edu), in order to be enrolled in the internship.

BIOL 4300-Internship Course Requirements

To receive a grade and academic credit for the internship course (BIOL 4300), you must complete at least 120 hours of work at the internship and submit the following:

  • A daily journal of all activities and duties performed. The journal should include a clear record of hours worked so that the Director of Environmental Science can determine if that requirement has been met.
  • A typed report that summarizes your work. The report should address the following points:
a. Describe your initial expectations of the internship and how those expectations were met or not.
b. Describe your professional development during the internship.
c. Describe any improvements in laboratory or field procedures, data collection, or data analysis that you made during your internship.
d. Summarize your accomplishments during your internship.

  • An evaluation letter and completed Environmental Science Intern Assessment Form for BIOL 4300 from your supervisor at the agency or company where your worked. The evaluation letter and Intern Assessment form should be in a sealed envelope or should be returned directly to the Director of Environmental Science to ensure confidentiality.

These materials should be submitted to the Director of Environmental Science, Dr. Jim Armacost, no later than the last class day of the semester.