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Come to the College of Graduate Studies at Lamar University to find inspirational faculty with the highest academic standards, encouraging peers with like-minds and the resources to help you achieve your specific advanced-study goals.

Our five academic colleges offer innovative graduate and postgraduate degrees through a faculty of global scholars and a warm, welcoming campus community. The five academic colleges include:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Business
  • Education and Human Development
  • Engineering
  • Fine Arts and Communication

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Graduate Studies Position Statement on Generative AI

The Lamar University College of Graduate Studies emphasizes integrity and ethical conduct in research, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Guidelines address AI's role in research, emphasizing transparency in its utilization, proper citation, and accountability for outputs. These guidelines apply to manuscript writing, grant applications, peer review processes, and reporting of AI use in research, aiming to ensure responsible AI integration in academic production. Read Full AI Position Statement...

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Master's, doctoral and graduate-level certificate programs available at Lamar.


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