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Success Ambassadors

Success Ambassadors

We offer a variety of engaging presentations provided by trained staff that are designed to help students succeed academically at Lamar University. Faculty, staff and students can request Success Ambassadors to present to their class, student organization, Cardinal Communities and department. 

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Below is a list of current presentations offered. If you need a training or presentation not listed, please email or call (409) 880-7209 to discuss additional options. 

STAR Services Overview (10 minutes or 30 minutes)

The 10 minute presentation focuses on introducing STAR Services academic support resources. The 30 minute presentation includes the introduction to STAR Services, experience of the Success Ambassador and interactive activity to introduce students to proven learning strategies. 

Thinking for College Success (30 minutes)

This presentation will help students understand the new expectations of college and introduce them to learning processes and best practices. Students will distinguish between studying and learning.

How to Manage Time (30 minutes)

Students will gain tools to effectively manage their workloads by learning to prioritize important tasks and assignments. Through an activity they will identify difficulties in managing time and develop strategies to prevent procrastination.

Setting Effective Goals (30 minutes)

Students will be introduced to and understand the importance of effective goals. An activity will allow students to set their own goals and create action plans to achieve them.