Specialty Clinics

Summer clinic

Achievement through Collaboration (ACT)

This program is designed to 1) address speech and language needs in children and adolescents through collaborative teaming between a university speech-language program (LU) and special education services in regional public schools (PAISD); and 2) prepare graduate students in speech-language pathology in best-practice methods for delivering speech-language pathology services in the public schools. Our clinical rotations include preschool programs for children with disabilities and programs for school-age children with moderate and severe-profound disabilities. For more information contact Dr. Monica L. Bellon-Harn at monica.harn@lamar.edu or Karen Saar at kwsaar@lamar.edu.

Accent Modification/Management Training

This accent management program is designed to 1) provide speakers seeking to modify a foreign or national origin with access to training in listening skills and in the use of rhythm, intonation, and breathing to improve intelligibility of American English Speech Sounds; and 2) prepare graduate students in speech-language pathology to utilize evidence-based strategies when providing this elective service. Our pretesting process allows us to design personalized plans to meet each individual's unique goals and needs.  Dates and times vary. For more information regarding this program, please contact Karen Whisenhunt Saar at kwsaar1@lamar.edu

Aphasia Conversation Lab

The Aphasia Conversation Lab (ACL) is a clinical research laboratory developed to advance interactional research in aphasia, train clinicians on functional treatment approaches and provide support to persons with aphasia as they move through the continuum of recovery. The ACL functions as a specialty clinic in the Lamar University Speech & Hearing Clinic with the primary goal of helping persons with aphasia (PWA) overcome communicative barriers and learn to live a successful and satisfactory life after aphasia. The ACL offers individual and group sessions where PWA can work on specific, client-centered goals. We offer three different types of groups that meet weekly: conversation groups where PWA meet to discuss a variety of topics and practice communication strategies, a technology group aimed at helping PWA better access the internet and digital technologies and a book club where PWA participate in shared reading and reflective activities. We also have an active support group that meets the first Wednesday of each month at noon. The support group focuses on getting on with life after aphasia and building a community network for PWA and their families. Check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/aphasiaconversationlab/ to stay up to date with all of our scheduled events! For more information, contact Dr. Jamie Azios at jhartwell@lamar.edu or call the speech-language pathology clinic at 409-880-8171.

Articulation Boot Camp: Ages 5-9

Articulation Bootcamp is a summer camp devoted to helping students improve articulation skills. Each day includes a 30 minute 1:1 session that focuses on target sounds and effective strategies. A variety of visual, verbal and tactile cues are used to help students produce target sounds accurately. Drill based games are utilized during this time to encourage production of target sounds. The second 30 minute segment is devoted to group work. Games, experiments and other fun activities are implemented to encourage generalization of correct production outside of the therapy room. Students seem to enjoy this time spent interacting with peers and participating in fun activities. The last 30 minute segment is devoted to a review of target sounds and parent training so that parents can continue to elicit correct productions at home. For more information, contact the speech-language pathology clinic at 409-880-8171. 

ASD College Transition: Ages 18 & Up

ASD College Transition is a summer program designed for students with autism who will be attending college for the first time. The group meets twice weekly to discuss topics such as goal setting, disclosure and self-advocacy, expectations in the college classroom, campus resources, and navigating the campus. Each week, clinicians guide students on tours across campus to familiarize the students with the campus layout. College students who previously attended College Connect serve as mentors to the incoming students. It is a great program to help these students feel comfortable as they approach this new experience. For more information, contact Beth Byers at beth.byers@lamar.edu.

Camp interACT

Camp interACT is a collaborative theater project with Beaumont Community Players. Students of all ability levels work together in an inclusion environment to rehearse and perform a play. Thematically-related language enrichment activities and individualized communication and social skills support are woven throughout the rehearsal and production process. Ages 8 through 18.  For more information, contact Karen Whisenhunt Saar at (409) 880-8171.

Collect Connect: College Students

College Connect is a support group dedicated to providing support and building relationships that help LU students overcome obstacles in college life. College connect is designed for students who may be worried about socially interacting with professors and peers in the classroom, communicating with their professor, setting and meeting college goals or finding their place at Lamar University. The group meets for a 10 week period during the fall and spring semesters. Topics such as advocacy and seeking support, time and stress management, hidden rules in the classroom, navigating campus environments, job interview skills, taking advantage of campus resources, understanding roles and responsibilities in group projects and goal setting are discussed within the group. For more information, please contact Beth Byers  at beth.byers@lamar.edu or visit the College Connect Facebook page.

College Transition

College Transition is designed for incoming college students who will benefit from support and strategies to successfully complete college courses. Self-advocacy, navigating the campus, hidden rules in the classroom, and campus resources will be topics of discussion for the program.  The participants will take campus tours, in addition to group discussions to prepare them for the fall semester.  Current college students, who participated in the program in the past, will serve as mentors for the incoming students. For more information, contact call the speech-language pathology clinic at (409) 880-8171.

Jumpstart Literacy: Ages 5-7

Jumpstart Literacy is a summer camp devoted to helping students improve literacy skills. Each day includes a 1 hour group session that focuses on phonological foundations including: letter identification, sight word identification, segmenting, blending and rhyming. Phonological awareness is critical for learning to read. Research has shown that difficulty with phoneme awareness and other phonological skills is a predictor of poor reading and spelling development. In order to increase phonological awareness, students are taught strategies to help assist them with their overall literacy skills. Strategies are taught using games, crafts, story time and other fun activities in a fun and engaging small group setting. For more information, please contact Alyssa Scales.

Language Enrichment Programs

Preschool and school-age children with language disorders, autism, and/or developmental delays may be candidates for this program. Contact Tammy Soniat at (409) 880-8171 for program offerings.

Reflective Readers: Ages 8-10

Reflective readers is a summer camp devoted to improving reading fluency, reading comprehension and figurative language skills. The clients spend the first 45 minutes 1:1 with a clinician learning to use communicative reading strategies to improve reading fluency and comprehension. The clinician provides scaffolding techniques throughout the passage to ensure the client is understanding the text and helps the reader summarize and make inferences. Books or passages are selected based on each child’s interests. The second 45 minute session is spent in a small group setting where the clients participate in fun figurative language activities. Students often encounter figurative language throughout text and being able to understand figurative language can have an impact on overall comprehension and understanding of the text. For more information, please contact Beth Byers at beth.byers@lamar.edu.

Social Skills and Communication: Ages 5-7

Social skills and communication is a summer camp devoted to helping students improve pragmatic language skills. Social skills or “pragmatics” are a vital part of living and functioning in our world today. Pragmatic language is defined as “the social use of language and communication behaviors needed to interact effectively and appropriately with others.” Each day includes a 45-minute group session that focuses on identifying emotions, appropriate listening and turn-taking skills and interacting appropriately with other peers. Activities include story time, games, crafts, singing/dancing and communicating in a group environment. Each session begins with a storybook that focuses on a specific appropriate behavior. This appropriate behavior is reminded to the students through follow up activities within a small group setting. For more information, please contact Alyssa Scales.

Southeast Texas Stuttering Clinic

The Southeast Texas Stuttering Clinic is an intensive parent/child training program designed to help children who stutter and their parents become effective communicators within the world of stuttering. The clinic focuses on teaching children who stutter (ages 6-11) of all ages and their families about the experience of stuttering, address negative attitudes and feelings about speaking, teach helpful ways to cope with stuttering, and how to use effective techniques to improve communicative ability. Parents are also taught specific strategies that help minimize the impact of stuttering and also learn valuable information related to stuttering in the process. The stuttering program includes parent training sessions, individual times, group times, and take home sessions. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Azios at mazios@lamar.edu.

Summer Language Enrichment Program

This program is for preschool and school-age children with language disorders, autism, and/or developmental delays may be candidates for this program. The program is twice a week for four weeks and runs during the month of July. Contact Tammy Soniat at (409) 880-8171 for program offerings.

Voice Lab and Vocology Clinic

This lab serves the department and the university under four categories: teaching, research, clinic, and outreach. LU currently offers the only online Certificate in Vocology program in the United States utilizing our state-of-the-art voice lab and clinic. Please contact Dr. Nandhu Radhakrishnan at (409)-880-7591 for more information.

Voices in Transition

This is a voice habilitation program designed to provide education and treatment on safe voice use along with appropriate verbal and non-verbal characteristics that are consistent with an individual’s gender identity. For more information contact Dr. Nandhu Radhakrishnan - nradhakrishn@lamar.edu.