Clinical Colloquium


As of the 2019-2020 academic year, colloquium has been combined with a multi-part assignment and presentation series that builds across the first three semesters of clinical practicum. The assignments begin with librarian education in information literacy and evaluating information, followed by application of those skills to evidence-based practice.  In the final installment of assignments and presentations, students design a therapy plan and support their choices through evidence from current research, classroom learning, clinical experience, and integration of client goals and values. This project not only targets students’ ability to formulate a cohesive plan based on academic learning, but also to find, evaluate, integrate, and cite new information from credible sources related to their therapeutic activity designs.  The successful completion of this final project requires a synthesis of skills gained from the initial information literacy projects, course work, and clinical experience gained in face-face therapy and one-on-one feedback sessions with clinical supervisors.