Section 3 - Classification/Salary


SCOPE: STAFF Issued: 4/1/00

Revised: 1/01/07

1. Classification of Positions: All positions in the classified service are assigned to a class of positions (or title) which reflect accurately and currently the duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and other work requirements of all positions within the class. Each class involves substantially the same kind and level of work in terms of complexity and responsibility as well as comparable educational and experience requirements. Titles assigned to each class of positions are descriptive of the nature of the work performed by the positions within that class.

1.1 Each class or title is analyzed and evaluated in relation to all other classes and allocated to a salary level which ensures proper and equitable internal relationship to all other classes.

1.2 Individual positions are allocated to appropriate classes or titles which in turn determines the salary range applicable to the position.

2. Job Description: Human Resources has prepared or will prepare as need arises, a written description for each class of positions. Job descriptions shall include a class title, typical duties and responsibilities representative of those performed by incumbents of the class; educational and experience qualifications required, type and extent of supervision received and given, and such other allocation factors which are pertinent to the class.

2.1 Job descriptions are class specifications and as such are illustrative and not restrictive in the sense that the typical duties set forth in the description are not intended to exclude other duties and responsibilities of similar kind or level which are not specifically mentioned. Job descriptions are specific to each class of positions and establish the essential functions and responsibilities of positions in each class.

2.2 Job descriptions will not contain qualifications that would serve to bar disabled persons unless such restricting qualifications are bonafide requirements of the class such as, the business need for certain educational or training level, the need to walk, bend or lift in performance of the normal and typical duties, the necessity for working in confined spaces, on ladders or scaffolds, etc.

3. Use of Class Titles:

3.1 No person shall be appointed to, or employed in, a position in the classification plan under a title not included in the current Human Resources Classification and Pay Plan.

3.2 Official class titles must be used in all human resources, budget, accounting, and financial records. Internal working titles used in connection with departmental routine to indicate functional or authority status or administrative rank within the work unit may not be used for these purposes.