Section 3 - Classification/Salary

Policy Number: 3.11 - HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY


Revised: 1/01/07

1. Policy: It is the policy of Lamar University to provide hazardous duty pay to those employees who serve as commissioned law enforcement officers.

2. Eligibility: Commissioned police officers are eligible for hazardous duty pay after completing at least 12 months of lifetime service credit (by the last day of the preceding month).

2.1 Hazardous duty pay is based on the number of years served in a hazardous duty position.

2.2 Hazardous duty pay shall be $10 per month for each year of service credit.

2.3 Hazardous duty pay is based on lifetime service credit. Lifetime service credit equals the number of months the individual has served in a hazardous duty position during the individual’s lifetime.

2.4 If an employee who receives hazardous duty transfers to a position which does not involve hazardous duty, that employee will no longer be eligible for hazardous duty pay, but may be eligible for longevity based on state service credit. State service credit includes the years in performance of hazardous duty.

2.5 There is no cap on hazardous duty pay for University law enforcement officers.

2.6 The following chart provides examples of hazardous duty pay.

 Hazardous Duty Pay Tablea

Years of Service

Monthly Hazardous Duty Pay

More Than1 and fewer than 2 years

$ 10

More Than 2 and fewer than 3 years

$ 20

More Than 3 and fewer than 4 years

$ 30

More Than 4 and fewer than 5 years

$ 40

More Than 5 and fewer than 6 years

$ 50

More Than 6 and fewer than 7 years

$ 60

More Than 7 and fewer than 8 years

$ 70

More Than 8 and fewer than 9 years

$ 80

More Than 9 and fewer than 10 years

$ 90

More Than 10 and fewer than 11 years


 a With the exception of the Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Officers, there is no cap on hazardous duty pay. For purposes of this table, the amount of hazardous duty pay has been calculated only through 10 years.






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