Academic Advising: What and When

What is advisement?

Academic advisement is a collaborative meeting between a student and an advisor in which career goals, course selection, degree requirements and campus resources are discussed. As an advisee it is your responsibility to fully engage in advisement by making yourself aware of the degree requirements, asking questions during advisement, and completing the academic action plan you and your advisor agree upon.

When should I get advised?

All US students are advised at least once per semester. We advise students in person, by phone, or through email. Generally, academic advisement will begin in March for May mini, summer, and fall classes and in October for winter mini and spring classes. Advisement is required for all BAAS students.

How to schedule an advising appointment?

Students can call 409-880-7571 to schedule either an office or phone advising appointment.
The advising office for junior and senior US students is located in the TAGS building. 

When do I register?

Generally, students will begin registering for classes in April (May mini, summer, fall) and November (winter mini and spring). Registration holds from various departments across campus (i.e. Cashier’s office or mandatory advisement) will prevent you from registering. Contact these departments before the registration period begins so that you are cleared to enroll in classes.