Dr. Robert Kelley Bradley receives OUR Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Robert Kelley Bradley, assistant professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, has been awarded the Faculty Mentoring Award by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) for his exceptional dedication to mentoring undergraduate students in research endeavors.Dr. Robert Kelley Bradley

The OUR Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes individuals who have exhibited outstanding commitment to guiding and nurturing undergraduate students through research experiences, thereby facilitating their academic and professional growth.

“I struggled academically until I did a research internship,” Dr. Bradley said. “I didn’t understand what I was supposed to do with the things I was learning in class, but once I got to start applying them, it all changed for me. I think it is the same for the students I mentor. The research experience also helps them when they apply for industry internships and when they apply for jobs after graduation. Hiring managers like students who can handle complicated projects, and the research experience gives the students a great example to share about how they were successful with such a project.”

Among the key evaluation criteria considered in conferring the award were Dr. Bradley's demonstrated evidence of mentoring undergraduate students, including the number of students mentored, research settings facilitated, and activities designed to foster student success.

Over his tenure, he has mentored an impressive number of undergraduate students, guiding them through various research projects and initiatives. His mentorship has resulted in numerous achievements, including publications with undergraduate co-authors and presentations at prestigious conferences and symposiums. 

Dr. Bradley has also facilitated undergraduate involvement in research grants, securing funding for projects aimed at investigating diverse scientific inquiries. His efforts have enabled students to gain valuable research experience while contributing meaningfully to their respective fields. 

“The faculty mentors are the lifeblood of programs like OUR because they have the expertise necessary to guide the students and to help them develop research skills, both the technical skills needed for the specific research project, and broader skills needed to be part of the research community,” Dr. Bradley said. “OUR is a great vehicle for fostering interdisciplinary collaboration because it is a university-wide program. There is opportunity for students to work with mentors from other departments and there is opportunity for faculty to collaborate in support of a student project.”

Dr. Bradley's receipt of the OUR Faculty Mentor Award is a testament to his exemplary leadership and dedication to fostering a culture of research excellence among undergraduate students. 

To learn more about the Office of Undergraduate Research, visit https://www.lamar.edu/undergraduate-research/index.html