Gleb Tcheslavski, Ph.D.


Applied DSP Research Laboratory

We are mostly focused on the analysis of Electroencephalogram (EEG); although, other interesting projects emerge from time to time.

One may ask: why do EEs invade Neuroscience? We view a human body as an electric machine where the brain controls limbs and organs by sending and receiving short electrical pulses. Evidences suggest that by studying these electrical signals, we may obtain important information about our brain and body. This is where our expertise in DSP comes handy...

What is Electroencephalogram (EEG)? It is a non-invasive test when conductive electrodes are placed on the head. These electrodes act as tiny antennas picking up weak electrical signals that are related to the neurological activity. These signals are amplified, (usually) translated to a digital form, and stored in a computer. The process of EEG recording may look like one shown below:

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