Gleb Tcheslavski, Ph.D


Selected Professional Publications:

  • G.V. Tcheslavski, 2019, “Towards an Automated Detection of Alcohol Dependence Using EEG Spectral Power Estimates”, International Journal of Bioautomation, 23(4), 391-402.
  • S. Sultana, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2019, “Spatial Vector-based Approach to the ERP Analysis as Applied to an EEG-based Discrimination of Traffic Light Signals,” Neuroregulation, 6(4), 170-180.
  • D.Q. Ngo, G. Oliver, G. Tcheslavski, C.-T. Tan, 2019, “Neural Entrainment to Speech Envelope in response to Perceived Sound Quality”, 9th International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering San Francisco, CA, USA, March 20-23, 2019, 920-923.
  • A.E. Igberaese, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2018, “EEG power spectrum as a biomarker of autism: a pilot study,” International Journal of Electronic Healthcare, 10(4), 275-286.
  • Md. R.U. Hoque, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2018, “Can electroencephalography improve road safety? An EEG-based study of driver’s perception of traffic light signals in a virtual environment”, International Journal of Vehicle Safety, 10(1), 78-86.
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, M. Vasefi, F.F. Gonen, 2018, “Response of a human visual system to continuous color variation: An EEG-based approach”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 43, 130-137.
  • H. Shrivastava, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2018, “On the potential of EEG for biometrics: combining power spectral density with a statistical test”, International Journal of Biometrics, 10(1), 52-64.
  • K.A. Islam, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2017, “On Use of Independent Component Analysis for Ocular Artifacts Reduction of Electroencephalogram and while Using Kurtosis as the Threshold”, International Journal of Bioautomation, 21(3), 251-260.
  • Md. Reshad Ul Hoque, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2016, “EEG-based study of driver’s cognitive response to virtual traffic environment via parametric spectral analysis of event related potentials”, Joint Spring 2016 Meeting of the Texas Sections of APS, AAPT, and Zone 13 of SPS - March 31 - April 2, 2016.
  • K.A. Islam, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2015, “Independent Component Analysis for EOG artifacts minimization of EEG signals using kurtosis as a threshold”, Proceedings of Electrical Information and Communication Technology (EICT), 2015 2nd International Conference on, IEEE, Khulna, Bangladesh, 10-12 December 2015, 137-142.
  • S.R. Yeddula, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2015, “Design and analysis of low cost electro-dermal response system using Texas Instrument’s MSP430 Value Line Launchpad”, International Journal of Bioautomation, 19(1), 79-94.
  • L. Porter, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2013, “Using Photoplethysmography for blood pressure estimation with telemedicine application” International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology 2(11), 2202-2205
  • R. Guntaka, G.V. Tcheslavski, 2013, "On the EEG-based automated detection of alcohol dependence”, International Journal of Bioautomation,", 17(3), 167-176
  • F.F. Gonnen, G.V. Tcheslavskii, 2012, “Techniques to assess Stationarity and Gaussianity of EEG: an overview”, International Journal of Bioautomation, 16(2), 135-142
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, F.F. Gonnen, 2012, “Alcoholism-related alterations in spectrum, coherence, and phase synchrony of topical electroencephalogram”, Computers in Biology and Medicine, 42, 394-401
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, A.A. (Louis) Beex, 2010, “Effects of smoking, schizotypy, and eyes open/closed conditions on the γ1 rhythm phase synchrony of the electroencephalogram”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 5, 164-173
  • J. Prigmore, G. Tcheslavski, C. Bahrim, 2010, “An IGCT-Based Electronic Circuit Breaker Design for a 12.47kV Distribution System”, IEEE PES General Meeting, July 2010
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, 2008, “Effects of tobacco smoking and schizotypal personality on spectral contents of spontaneous EEG, International Journal of Psychophysiology", 70, 88-93
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, A.A. (Louis) Beex, 2006, “Phase synchrony and coherence analyses of EEG as tools to discriminate between children with and without attention deficit disorders”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 1, 2006, 151-161
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, A.A. (Louis) Beex, 2005, “Properties and parameter selection for phase synchrony processing of EEG signals,” Proceedings of the Second IASTED International Multi-Conference Signal and Image Processing (ACIT-SIP), June 20-24, 2005, Novosibirsk, Russia, 164-169
  • B.A. Rozanov, G.V. Tcheslavski, 1999, "Two-step Algorithm of Detection and Estimation In Radar Station With Long Sounding Signals,” BMSTU Herald, series "Design of Devices", #4. (In Russian)
  • G.V. Tcheslavski, 1999, “Millimeter Band Radar Station with Long Sounding Signals," 4th International Conference of Students on Fundamental Sciences "Lomonosov' 99". Moscow State University, April 20-23. (In Russian)
  • B.A. Rozanov, G.V. Tcheslavskii, 1998, "On Energy Potential of Millimeter-Wave Radar" MSMW'98 Symposium Proceedings. Kharkov, Ukraine, September 15-17. (In English)
  • B.A Rozanov, G.V. Tcheslavski, 1997, "Signal Processing in Radar Station with Quasi-continuous Emission" BMSTU Herald, series "Design of devices" #4. (In Russian)

ADSPRL Publications

Selected Thesis/Dissertation reports defended by our Graduate Students:

  • 2016: Anita Igberaese - "Pilot study of using EEG as a biomarker to diagnose autism"
  • 2016: Jannatul Ferdous - "Assessing self-similarity and cross-similarity between EEG patterns for biometrical applications"
  • 2016: Kazi Islam - "Independent component analysis for EOG artifacts minimization of EEG signals using kurtosis as a threshold"
  • 2016: Md Hoque - "EEG analysis of driver cognitive response via spectral estimation and wavelet analysis"
  • 2016: Sharmin Sultana - "EEG-based assessment of driver's cognitive response in virtual traffic light environment"
  • 2015: Hemang Shrivastava - "Investigate the potential of EEG signals for biometric authentication: A power spectral density approach"
  • 2014: Logan Porter - "Blood pressure estimation using photopletismography with telemedicine application"
  • 2014: Zoha Souri - "EEG-based assessment of driver's perception of traffic environment"
  • 2012: Sumanth Reddy Yeddula - Applications of Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) to the analysis of EEG and other non-stationary time series
  • 2012: Md. Z. Ali - "EEG-based assessment of driver's cognitive response in virtual traffic light environment"
  • 2012: Angikar Sarkar - "A statistical approach to binary and multiple-class pattern recognition of motor imagery by non-invasive EEG for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) applications"
  • 2011: Nehal Patel - "An EEG-based dual-channel imaginary motion classification for Brain Computer Interface"
  • 2010: Bijaya Gautam - "Spectral estimation of Electroencephalogram signal using ARMAX model and particle swarm optimization"

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