Special Education at Lamar University

It is the goal of the Master of Education program to provide teachers at the graduate level with the tools needed to support exceptional learners’ educational needs in K-12 schools. The Special Education master’s degree program is 36-credit hours, non-thesis degree program. This degree is for teachers who want to specialize in Special Education in the K-12 setting. The program equips candidates to be successful leaders in the classroom working with diverse populations.

M.Ed. in Special Education (Generalist)

This 36-credit hour degree program offers advanced coursework at the graduate level in the area of special education. This degree program provides graduate learners with the content, knowledge and skills they need to assess, instruct, and provide behavioral support for exceptional learners from an inclusive, collaborative perspective. Admission requirements: Teaching credentials in any K-12 certification area. This program does not provide eligibility for initial certification in special education. The program can be completed in 18 months with continuous enrollment. of a comprehensive examination upon completion of all required

Your Responsibilities:

As certification requirements may change without notice, it is the responsibility of the student to:

  • Confirm the requirements for certification in their home state
  • Evaluate and understand state requirements related to online education, and out-of-state educational programs requirements
  • Find out if any additional coursework, practice, and/or testing requirements must be met in order to be eligible for certification.

Careers Relating to Special Education

Special education teachers work with students who have a wide range of learning, mental, emotional, and physical disabilities.

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