Comprehensive Exam

This comprehensive exam provides an opportunity for students to critically reflect upon the learning experienced in the M.Ed. in Special Education – Generalist program. Coursework in this program has been developed to align with national and state standards for special educators. All 12 courses of the program need to be evident within this critical reflective analysis. In additional to the essay, submission of a portfolio is required which supports the descriptions of assignments which were included within the essay. The learner outcomes for this exam are listed below:  

LO1: Effective special education practitioners are able to understand and apply initial national and state preparation standards in their classrooms and districts.  

LO2: Effective special education practitioners think critically as they align national initial professional preparation standards with course content and assignments within the learning experiences in their graduate degree program. 

LO3: Effective special education practitioners ethically articulate educational concepts/ideas /issues at an advanced level including the application of writing styles reflective of the profession. 

The exam is independently graded by three different scorers, and the total scores are averaged together. A score of 80% is required for the essay for passing the exam. If a student does not pass the initial submission of the exam, the student will be required to meet with the Chair of the Comprdefensive Exam Committee via Adobe Connect. Extensive verbal and written feedback will be provided during that meeting which must occur prior to resubmitting the exam. If additional submissions are required, only written feedback will be provided. Failure to meet 80% proficiency after three attempts will result in suspension from the degree program. 

Students enrolled in the M.Ed. Special Education-Generalist program are required to submit the comprehensive exam essay and portfolio when enrolled in the 12th and final course of their degree program. The exam must be submitted on/before the end of week 3 of the 12th course. Non-compliance with this requirement may result in a grade of Incomplete for the course and graduate paperwork will not be submitted until the exam is passed. This may result in delays with degree conferral.  

Students do not need to apply to take the comprehensive exam as it is included in SPED 5316 Models of Change through Collaboration, the 12th and final course in their degree program.  

Completion of this degree does not provide requirements for initial or advanced credentialing in special education either in the state of Texas or in other states as there is no supervised practicum provided as part of this degree program.