About the Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Educational Leadership is to provide graduate education at the Master or Doctoral levels to enable students to enter leadership careers in schools, districts, higher education and to provide counseling in schools, community agencies or private practice.

A goal of the Educational Leadership Department is for students to develop the knowledge, skills and competence required for administrative leadership and professional practice. Our instructional mission emphasizes quality teaching within a learner-centered environment. Continuing education is provided to educators who must continually be engaged in professional development. The Department recruits and retains able students with an attention to diversity.

As a department we will always:

  • Support relevant curriculum based on research, standards and best practice
  • Keep students and their success as our highest priority
  • Be committed to continuous personal development
  • Maintain integrity as a foundation for all our actions and decisions
  • Build and support networks of educational leaders
  • Evidence the same kind of behavior that we expect from students including functioning as a team and collaborative work
  • Listen to the needs of practicing leaders in the communities we serve
  • Encourage the use of technology to extend learning
  • Promote the creation of a work environment that builds in team activities and focuses on project development.

Quick facts about our Educational Leadership Programs

  • The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is the largest of nine doctoral programs at LU, and accounts for half of all post graduate students.
  • The M.Ed. in Administration delivered online was the first and still the largest fully online graduate program at LU.