The CICE works with several organizations both within and external to Lamar University dedicated to technology innovation, entrepreneurship, social progress, and economic development.

Makerspace at Lamar University - The Bird House

Lamar University's Makerspace at the Science and Technology building hosts 7,700 square feet of workspaces, 3D printers, CNC routers, metalworking tools, and much more.

Center for Educational Innovation and Digital Learning

Located within the CICE, the Center for Educational Innovation and Digital Learning works closely with schools and companies across the US to deliver innovative solutions for K-12 education.

Complex Fluids Lab - Dr. Ping He

The Complex Fluids Lab led by Dr. Ping He focuses research on the computational fluid dynamics aiming to solve grand challenges involved with complex interfacial phenomena and thermal processes.

Port Management 

The Center for Port Management at Lamar is a collaboration between the College of Business and the College of Engineering preparing the next generation of port and marine terminal managers.

Lamar Geospatial Center - Dr. Reda Amer

Lamar Geospatial Center (LGC), promotes and supports inter/multi/trans-disciplinary creative and scholarly activities through the development and application of geospatial technologies. LGC conducts basic and applied research related to geographic information science, geographic visualization, spatial thinking, geographic education, and remote sensing.

Resilience and Recovery at Lamar University - Dr. Judith Mann

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a multidisciplinary group of researchers from Lamar University have joined together to develop a deeper understand of the resilience and recovery need of the Southeast Texas Region. The objective of Resilience and Recovery is to collaborate with local governmental, health, industrial, and business leaders in an effort to increase knowledge, awareness, and communication.

Hurricane Economic Recovery & Resiliency Program (HERRP) – Dr. Henry Venta

Repository of reports and documentation regarding hurricane impact in the Southeast Texas region.

Center for Midstream Management and Science at Lamar University - Tom Kalb

The Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS) serves as a bridge between Lamar University and the midstream industry, connecting breakthroughs in access to oil and gas to the downstream advances in refining and liquefaction technologies.

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

TMAC TEEX helps manufacturers to advance business profitability through skills training, business process improvements and practices, regulation-required training, supply chain development, and product innovation.

Surface Engineering Group - Dr. Chun-Wei Yao

The Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering Lab provides researchers in the Lamar University community with access to high-end instrumentation for the studies of material and surface properties.