Center for Midstream Management and Science

Center for Midstream Management and Science

Focus on Midstream Research

The Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS) serves as a bridge between Lamar University and the midstream industry, connecting breakthroughs in access to oil and gas to the downstream advances in refining and liquefaction technologies. Established in the fall of 2019 through the foresight of the 86th Texas Legislature, the center focuses on midstream research and education across the LU campus.

Solutions through Technology

Due to a drastically increased volume of domestic oil and gas production, there is a need for midstream technology to meet the needs of the upstream and downstream industries. The Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS) is dedicated to discovering solutions to distribution and storage modalities, environmental impacts, and to optimizing flow rates and market access.


Support and Training

The Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS) supports students, faculty members, labs, and post-doctoral fellowships across Lamar University with an emphasis on applied research that is valuable to the midstream industry. CMMS facilitates training for the midstream community by hosting events and seminars. CMMS also supports the development of academic courses and certificate programs at LU to train the next generation of midstream professionals.

Industry Advisory Board

The center is currently constructing an Industry Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will guide the development of research activities and curriculum based on current and projected industry needs. Please contact Tom Kalb at, if you are interested in being a member of the Advisory Board.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Midstream Management and Science at Lamar University is to establish and grow a cross-discipline industry/university collaboration that promotes dialogue along with practical and environmentally sound solutions to problems in the broadly defined midstream sector

  • Funded by the Midstream Center using taxpayer dollars, Lamar College of Engineering faculty pursue applied research projects that present a clear value proposition to midstream companies. The objective of this research is to develop and prove problem solution viability in order to attract private funding of additional advanced technology and/or prototype development.

  • Funded by corporations, federal agencies, and foundations, engineering faculty pursue applied research to develop practical solutions for midstream sector problems including, but not limited to corrosion, distribution, storage, processing, reliability, data analytics and decision making, predictive maintenance, resilience, cyber physical security, IIoT, safety, and environmental compliance.

  • The Center delivers educational services to the midstream sector through avenues such as the Midstream Certificate Program and by infusing industry workforce educational priorities in Lamar’s College of Engineering’s continuous curriculum improvement efforts. The Midstream Center seeks to promote dialogue and information transfer among industry participants via newsletters and sponsored events such as the annual Midstream Symposium and periodic industry roundtables, and direct involvement with industry organizations such as the Texas Oil and Gas Association.