Room Reservation

Large room with several rows of white tables and black chairs facing two projector screens on a red wall with a podium in the center.


Training Room (A/B)

Suited for: Lectures, Banquets, Large Gatherings

Equipment: Podium + Podium Mic, Handheld Mic, Lapel Mic, Projector, Slide Advancing Remote

Capacity: 96-144 (Center divider available/multiple seating arrangements available)

Reserve Training Room

Medium sized room with large-paned windows, green walls framing a glass marker board with a curving bench and a wooden table lined with chairs.


The Hatchery

Suited for: Breakout Sessions, Hackathons, Expos

Equipment: Whiteboard Wall, 3 TVs

Capacity: 30


Reserve Hatchery

Small room containing several black tables with three computer monitors on each one, white walls and ceiling with a large screen tv, and whiteboards at the back of the room.


Computer Room

Suited for: Training, Lectures

Equipment: Whiteboards, TV, 19 Desktops + 1 Podium Desktop

Capacity: 21

Reserve Computer Room

Small, bright room with 10 black office chairs surrounding a large gray table with large paned windows framed by white walls.


Conference Room (Sun Room)

Suited for: Meetings

Equipment: Whiteboard, TV

Capacity: 10+

Reserve Conference Room

Small, bright room with several orange chairs surrounding a wooden table with medium-sized windows, and a television on one wall.


Board Room

Suited for: Meetings

Equipment: Whiteboard, TV, Intercom

Capacity: 12+

Reserve Executive Board Room 

Medium sized room with two rows of wooden tables with central dividers and red chairs. There are two televisions on the back with a whiteboard in the center of the wall, and windows along the side of the room viewing the CICE hallway.


Intern Room (Bullpen)

Suited for: Project Work

Equipment: Whiteboards, Tables with outlets

Capacity: 40

Reserve Intern Room