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We are an annual review devoted to books published in Texas, books written by Texas authors, and books about Texas and Texans. We chiefly promote books published by small presses and individuals and books not reviewed in other media. We strive to feature a wide range of subject matter, from Texas history and folklore, fiction and poetry, guidebooks and cookbooks, to children's books. Many of our subscribers are libraries interested in materials for readers and students.

We welcome outside reviewers and look forward to bringing you quality reading material for many years. This is Texas, so come hell or high water, expect an edition for each season -- even if it feels like we only have two.

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As Beverly Williams said in her 2007 thesis Born of Enthusiasm and Naivetè: A History of the "Review of Texas Books," when it comes to reviewing books, "The Athenians did it. Byron did it. Poe did it. Dorothy Parker did it. Keats died from it." Hopefully, our current reviewers are safe, as putting together an issue is very different work now than it was then. While you must still read a book, process it and write about it, we now have email, live editing capabilities and no hard copies, resulting in zero subscription costs.

Founded in 1985, but first published in 1986 by Beaumont resident Sally Dooley, the Review has evolved quite a bit. In 1988, Dooley partnered with the Mary & John Gray Library at Lamar University and retired in 1995. In 2000, production moved to Lamar's Department of English & Modern Languages, and there it has remained (Williams 10-24).


Our PDF archive of past issues dates back to Summer 1992. Email us if you'd like to see an archived issue.

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