English and Modern Languages

WE SEEK to develop students’ literary comprehension, creative thinking, writing and communicative abilities in a range of diverse intellectual and cultural traditions.
Ashlynn While attending Lamar, I have been introduced not only to great literature but also to quality teaching, which has inspired me to continue my career in higher education. Also, working at Lamar’s Writing Center has given me the skills to enter a graduate program with a competency I might not have had otherwise.” Ashlynn Ivy ‘07
kevin My bachelor’s degree in English from Lamar University has allowed me the opportunity to realize my dream of becoming a journalist and a writer. Thanks to the preparation I received from the department’s vigorous writing, grammar, literature, rhetoric and foreign language coursework, I have been able to land a job that I truly look forward to going to every day. ” –Kevin King ‘13
Chelsea The English and Modern Language department at LU not only taught me the necessary requirements for a degree in the humanities (grammar, textual analysis, and theory) but also provided me with engaging professors who offered graduate school and career advice. –Chelsea Barnard ‘12 Beck Fellow

ENGLISH FACULTY emphasize excellent teaching in a variety of languages and literatures.

You have the opportunity to explore a full spectrum of literature courses: from Shakespeare to Langston Hughes, from old and middle English to Texas literature, and from literary criticism to film criticism.

You may also choose from a variety of writing courses: technical writing, fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and rhetoric as well as pedagogical courses in literature and writing.