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On Saturdays the first and second floor will be opened and all other floors will be closed. If books are needed by students circulation staff will pull them.

 A Message from the Dean of the Library on Coronavirus


With the arrival of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, we continue to take steps to protect the health of our users and employees. In addition, you will notice some changes and improvements to the way in which we provide our services.

One of the COVID disruptions has been a difficulty in hiring student workers. This has had two effects on library services: First, hours will be reduced at the beginning of the semester but will quickly increase as we hire more student employees. Also, at the beginning of the semester, on Saturdays, only the first two floors will be open. As the number of student employees increases in September, we will increase hours and Saturday access.

All floors have been open to the public from Sunday through Friday since the fall of 2020. Small group study rooms are available on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. You can book a study room and check out a key at the Circulation Desk.

We have added a wealth of new information resources—all available digitally—over the summer. These include the complete JSTOR Arts and Sciences collections (thousands of journals from vol.1, no. 1 forward, in high quality digital format), archives of a number of magazines (Life, Fortune, Time, and more), as well as Early American Newspapers, the business database IBISWorld, and several additional subject-specific databases. Project Muse, a popular resource containing a number of additional journal titles, will become available in January. These products represent an incredible increase in the information resources available to our users and are available online to all members of the Lamar University and LIT communities.

Through a partnership with a group of other academic libraries, you will now have access to a live reference librarian via chat 24/7. For more in-depth questions, you may wish to schedule a one-on-one research appointment with a librarian.

All in all, we believe that you will see a higher level of service while we continue to maintain distancing and cleanliness. You can refer to the university’s COVID-19 information page for information on the university’s response to COVID. You can also access up-to-date information on case counts for the university and county by referring to the university’s COVID Dashboard.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask at the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Best wishes to you all for a healthy and successful spring semester.

Best regards,

Arne J. Almquist, Ph.D.
Dean of the Library/Vice President for Information Management and
Decision Support

 Featured E-Resource - Films on Demand

Films on Demand

Films on Demand - Add Video Introductions to Playlists

The Video Introduction feature for playlists allows users to add a short intro video to any playlist they create. Educators can use this new tool to provide an overview or give context for the videos in the playlist. To learn more about this and other enhancements, please see On Demand - 2016 Platform Updates.

 The JSTOR Collections - Arts & Sciences IV

In order to promote and expand access to scholarly journal content, the Mary & John Gray Library has recently added the JSTOR Arts & Science IV Collection of online journal archives, thus adding access to an additional 109 journals, with dates of coverage ranging from 1852 to 2016, varying by journal.

The library has also acquired the digital archives for the IEEE periodicals for the following date ranges: 1884-1964, and 1995-2000.

 Featured Digital Collection

Lamar University Press Archive Newspaper Collection

Lamar University Newspaper

Digitized Lamar University Newspaper issues, beginning with The Redbird (1933) to The University Press (2005).