High Performance Computing

RED (Research, Education, and Development) HPC is supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) award and offers a campus-wide shared state-of-the-art computing platform to enhance Research, Education, and Development at Lamar University.

As traditional data processing devices are no longer adequate to handle complex data sets and large computations due to the continuing information explosion, high performance computing (HPC) cluster has become an essential instrumentation for a wide variety of leading-edge research and educational activities.  READ MORE →

Contact us at redhpc@lamar.edu

Who may use HPC?

RED HPC is a campus-wide shared infrastructure. It is accessible to all LU students, researchers, and faculty members. Faculty members may add students for access to HPC resources for research and educational purposes. Students without a faculty advisor should contact the HPC Staff (redhpc@lamar.edu) to obtain access for the purposes of learning HPC. There is no charge for LU users.

External users from other academic institutions and industrial partners please contact HPC staff (redhpc@lamar.edu) before applying HPC account.

How to apply for an HPC account?

Please complete LU’s Science DMZ form and send it to redhpc@lamar.edu. An email with your login information will be sent to you by email when your request has been approved and processed.