College Prep 101

Are you in high school and looking for information on how to approach the college search? We've created a series just for you! 

LU Admissions will be releasing a new episode every 2 weeks with discussions on how to make the most of your time. Whether your are just starting the college search or ready to begin applying, watch our series for helpful tips on navigating the world of higher education!

Episode 1 - Make Your Summer Count

What you'll learn 

  • The importance of starting early
  • Finding a job/getting experience
  • Developing skill sets
  • What to expect from your preferred college
  • Deadlines matter

Complete the Make Your Summer Count worksheet

Episode 2 - Admissions Jargon

What you'll learn 

  • Important deadlines
  • Subsidized v. Unsubsidized loans
  • What is an early application
  • Public v. private schools
  • FERPA and how it protects you

Complete the Admissions Jargon worksheet