Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Sciences

Department of Computer Science

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Sciences teaches you about information networking. The information networking concept involves an interplay of knowledge from areas such as distributed computing, software engineering, expert systems, information retrieval and multimedia display technology.


Why Study Computer Information Science at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Sciences at Lamar University sets you up for a career in such industries as petrochemical and transportation, space technology, education, banking and finance, medical and applications, and manufacturing and retailing.
As a graduate of LU's CIS program, you will be prepared to respond to the varied and changing needs of an information society and will possess an integrated set of skills from the fields of engineering, computer science and business. Watch the faculty interview to learn about this degree and more at LU.

Career Paths

Your career as a computer information scientist will be determined in part by the path you follow at LU. To help focus career options upon graduation, CIS majors often choose a minor in some area of business, management or communications.

Primary Careers

Programmer, Developer, Designer, Administrator

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Stefan Andrei
Chair, Professor
Dr. Jane Liu
Dr. Sujing Wang
Assistant Professor