Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems

Department of Information Systems and Analysis

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) will prepare you to work with computer-based information systems in organizations. 
In your career, you will typically manage a network of information technology (IT) workers who work together to create, maintain and manage computer systems. An MIS professional will apply technology to integrate and support business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing and management. 

Why Study Management Information Systems at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management Information Systems is the application of technology to solve business problems. As an MIS student at Lamar University, you'll study with our outstanding professional faculty as you learn to analyze, design, develop and maintain information systems to support business activities across the organization.
Our department follows the model information systems curriculum designed by the Association of Information Systems. Our MIS graduates have found gainful employment in many major businesses and earn among the highest salaries in the College of Business at Lamar University. 
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Career Paths

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts growth in jobs for analysts of 21% during the period of 2014-2024 ( You may choose a career in systems analysis, web development or software development, each field offering a wealth of opportunities for your specific skill set.

Primary Careers

Network Security Administrator, Systems Analyst, Developer