Student Organizations

Student assistants in the Office of Student Organization Services assist the Coordinator of Student Engagement in providing information, training, and support to LU's student organizations, members, and advisors.

Staff Duties

  • Maintain all financial information pertaining to the on-campus accounts of LU student organizations
  • Process financial transactions for student organizations
  • Inform and assist student organization representatives in effectively managing on-campus accounts
  • Prepare and mail letters of notification to student organizations about returned checks
  • Prepare monthly delinquent receipts reports
  • Help manage requests, disbursements, and reconciliation of co-sponsorship funding
  • Serve on the Committee on Student Organizations
  • Education: advise students on creating new organizations; educate students on procedures and policies related to student organizations
  • Administration: manage the annual organization registration renewal process; maintain student organization databases, files, and records in LU Hub; work closely with the Accounting Assistant to manage organization funds
  • Communication & Promotion: manage all social media accounts for Student Organization Services; plan and host programs to promote the development and growth of student organizations; assist with the planning and production of the Fall Student Involvement Fair