Student Employment at the SSC

Student Organization Services

Student assistants in the Office of Student Organization Services assist the Coordinator in providing information, training, and support to LU's 200+ student organizations, members, and advisors.

Required Qualifications

  • Must have valid driver license and Social Security number
  • Must be organized, energetic, creative, and leadership-oriented
  • Must be a current sophomore or junior
  • Must be available to work 2- to 4-hour shifts during regular office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Student Organization Services Assistant

  • Education: advise students on creating new organizations; educate students on procedures and policies related to student organizations
  • Administration: manage the annual organization registration renewal process; maintain student organization databases, files, and records in OrgSync; work closely with the Accounting Assistant to manage organization funds
  • Communication & Promotion: manage all social media accounts for Student Organization Services; plan and host programs to promote the development and growth of student organizations; assist with the planning and production of the Fall Student Involvement Fair

Accounting Assistant

  • Maintain all financial information pertaining to the on-campus accounts of LU student organizations
  • Process financial transactions for student organizations
  • Inform and assist student organization representatives in properly managing on-campus accounts
  • Prepare and mail letters of notification to student organizations about returned checks
  • Prepare monthly delinquent receipts reports
  • Help manage requests, disbursements, and reconciliations of co-sponsorship funding
  • Serve on the Committee on Student Organizations
Required Qualifications
  • Must be enrolled as an Accounting major
  • Must have earned no less that a B in Accounting 2301
  • Must have knowledge of basic accounting principles and practices