Faculty Services

Faculty support is crucial in promoting professional growth, fostering a positive teaching and research environment, and ultimately contributing to the overall quality of education provided by the institution.

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Course Design

Learn more about what opportunities and resources are available to you to help you make quality online classes.

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Content Creation

You're already an expert in your field. You shouldn't have to also be a Graphic Designer to get quality content for your courses.

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From test proctoring to attendance, we have access to a wide variety of helpful programs to make teaching easier.

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Develop your skills as a teacher with the
Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Lamar University is proud of its excellent instructional faculty, and our Center only seeks to enhance those skills, assist in efficiency, and support the faculty to success. Even the best of professors can improve teaching, use of innovative tools, and reflect on practices in the classroom to enhance student learning, retention, and growth.

In the end, only the outcomes of what our students do at present and in the future will reveal how successful our teaching instruction is.

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