Government Documents

The Mary and John Gray Library is a selective depository for publications of the United States government. We also served as a full depository for government publications from the State of Texas.

Our primary purpose is to provide free, unrestricted access to government information to the Lamar University community and the citizens of the Texas Fourteenth U.S. Congressional District. Our goal is to collect, organize, and provide access to publications supporting the education, research, and service programs of the university and the needs of the surrounding communities. Disclaimer: We cannot provide legal, medical, business, or tax advice.

Government Documents Staff

Elizabeth Sanders
REL Librarian

Government Documents Hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT

After hours, please utilize the Ask a Librarian chat service, or call for Research Assistance (409) 880-7264 (Toll free: (866) 375-5565).

Government Documents Policies