Wi-Fi Security

Lamar University Wireless Networks

Lamar University provides two types of wireless networks.


A public, unsecured network that allows access to Wi-Fi services at Lamar.  This network is for your initial enrollment only and does not allow Internet access.  


The network that you will use daily, that utilizes enhanced security standards. This network requires authentication with your LEA account and password.

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Off-Campus Wireless Security


  • Change the router’s default administrative password (the steps differ depending on the type of router).
  • Use the strongest available encryption (WPA/WPA2 with AES).
  • Use anti-virus, anti-malware, and a firewall.

Wifi Security

Get LU VPN Access

Public Wi-Fi:

  • Public Wi-Fi, whether in a hotel, airport, or restaurant, is generally insecure and passes information in clear text readable by other computers.
  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to securely access Lamar University business information over an encrypted line.
  • Make sure the firewall on your computer is running and turn off file-sharing.
  • Never transmit confidential or sensitive data (social security number, credit card, or bank info) over public Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off your wireless network when not in use.
  • Avoid accessing and transmitting sensitive or confidential information in a public area where it can be viewed by others around you.